Your bottom line is driven by your industry.

Your software should be too.

Industry Driven Challenges

Etelligent Solutions is devoted to understanding your business and the industry challenges that hinder your success. With over 10 years’ experience providing Business Software Solutions to Small and Large Organizations we are familiar with Industry Pain Points and experienced in helping businesses overcome them. Our solutions help organizations automate and improve Accounting, Customer Management, and Supply Chain Management operations.

Your Unique Solution

We understand that while two businesses within a particular industry face similar issues they are not identical and their business solutions shouldn’t be either. We work with you to get the root of your pain points so that we can develop a customized business solution to address the areas that are most important to you. Unlike a cookie cutter business solution, our tailored solutions ensure you only pay for the services you need.

Our Distinct Commitment

Etelligent Solutions is committed to providing you with more than a software solution. We aim to provide Business Solutions that encompass Software, Implementation, Project Management, and Support Services—leaving you more time to do what you do best; run your business.

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Supply Chain


Satisfying Customer Demands

Your customers have choices. Their demands are increasing while new distribution channels are evolving and expanding. How do you keep costs down without compromising your service? When you promote well-organized, proficient processes, both you and your customers profit. Our solutions include inventory management and sales and purchasing order management tools that help you save time and money. Win customer loyalty by enhancing:

  • Purchasing, sales, and distribution operations
  • Order entry and procurement

Job Costing

desk_hardhatJob Costing, Project Management and Accounting

Job and project information is valuable only when it’s accessible by everyone involved. Our job, project and accounting solutions provide a single repository of all the information you need to manage your jobs and projects with those onsite and those in the office so everyone can make more informed, strategic decisions. Visibility into the costs associated with your organization’s activities is essential to profitability. With our job cost, project management and accounting solutions, you’ll gain easy-to-use tools that help you control costs, manage labor and improve your bottom line.

  • Import Estimates and Create jobs
  • Change Order Management
  • Project Management
  • Sub-Contractor Management
  • Human Resources and Payroll
  • Financial Management

Field Services

Oil_Gas_MenuField Service Management

Making sure your technicians, dispatchers and service managers are all connected is instrumental to ensuring you are keeping your service on schedule and delivering optimal customer service. And since very few technicians complete service calls from a desk, equipping your team with the right mobile technology is critical. Our field service and mobility solutions you can improve the way work orders, field tickets and field service calls are created, scheduled, executed in the field and invoiced, helping increase customer satisfaction while reducing overhead. And, since informed customers make happier customers, our easy-to-use portals ensure your customers can view their account and service information in real time. – Work Order Management

  • Dispatching and Scheduling
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Mobile Field Service
  • Service Estimating
  •  Customer Self Service

Equipment Maintenance / Rentals


Equipment Rental

Etelligent Solutions works with solutions that offer the Oil & Gas, Heavy Equipment businesses in the rental and Asset Management industries a wide range of features and benefits. We can help you streamline the process of renting whatever keeps your business moving forward.

Equipment Management allows you to closely manage all aspects of the equipment you sell, buy or rent to your customers or assets you manage. Maintain control of the profitable utilization, distribution, scheduling, and maintenance of your equipment usage, sales and rental business.

Key Features:

  • Maintain tight control of your assets, agreements, and revenue with internal or
    external rental agreements
  • Track complex “parent” and “component” relationships, streamlined invoicing, detailed revenue, fixed assets and depreciation tracking, and easy drill-down to source documents
  • Maximize equipment utilization by allocating equipment or tools to specific jobs with convenient mobile access to availability status and pre- and post-mobilization check-in/ check-out tracking
  • Manage costs and profitability with detailed maintenance, repair, and transportation cost tracking
  • Increase efficiency and ensure safety and compliance with automated preventive maintenance schedules based on meter readings and/or specified dates

Asset and Fleet Management fieldtablet

Our asset and fleet management solutions you can control the profitable utilization, distribution, scheduling and maintenance of assets you own; better manage the equipment you sell, buy, or rent to your customers; and capture the data needed for better, more informed decision making.

  • Asset tracking and hierarchy
  • Recurring work orders
  • Maintenance plans and tasking
  • Equipment management sales and rental
  • Inventory management
  • Field mobility

The following roles can benefit from our Equipment Maintenance/Rental Solution

  • Equipment Managers – Can instantly access information about available and booked equipment, enabling them to meet operational efficiency goals by maximizing equipment usage.
  • Equipment Dealers – Can get detailed information about rental agreements and maintenance and repairs status and costs, helping them increase efficiency, revenue, and profits.
  • Sales and Service Representatives – Can create purchase orders, create new appointments, document additional service or sales opportunities, and e-mail or print appointment summaries.
  • IT Managers – Can leverage familiar, easy-to-deploy and maintain Microsoft technologies to enable secure, real-time collaboration with customers and staff that help streamline operations and reduce costs.

Engineered to Order

constructuionEngineered to Order

Job Manager is a true “Activity Based Costing” tool for your Project/Job Costing applications. A complete Project Management and Costing solution. Job Manager provides an easy way to manage resources, track service or production jobs, record consumption and output, manage Subcontractors, and schedule your job tasks.

Key Features: Master Jobs, Sub-Jobs, Item and Job Routers, Enhanced Item BOM and automatic Job Budget building, Estimating, Scheduling, Production, Flushing, and more. Calculate rolled up actual cost like standard costs. Change lot sizes and re-calculate current costs for what-if scenarios. All Standard and Current Cost calculations are logged for historical purposes. Detailed “Labor Allocation” to Jobs. The “Estimating System” feeds directly into Sales Quotes.  Job Manager includes also includes these core concepts:

  • Enhanced BOM and new Item Routers.
  • Cost Categories added to each Job Ledger Entry.
  • Job Budgets and Routers for Estimating.
  • Detailed Cost Reporting.
  • Resource Enhancements for “Service” Shops.
  • Convert Planning Jobs into Sales Quotes (Estimating)
  • Compare Machine Load to Allocations (Scheduling)


Student_EngagementSolutions that Inspire

Managing a Not-for-Profit organization requires unique business, financial, and reporting practices. In addition to meeting project, financial, and membership goals, you must meet compliance with government regulations by providing detailed reports. Furthermore, demonstrating the efficient use of donated and allocated recourses is essential to securing funding in the future. You can empower employees with self-service applications for procurement, time management and expense reporting. Our solutions help you manage complex business, financial, and reporting practices by:

  • Reporting on project, financial, and membership goals
  • Ensuring compliance with government regulations
  • Increasing funding through the efficient use of donated and allocated resources
  • Not-for-Profit organization solutions include:
  • Core Financial and Reporting Management
  • Commitment Management
  • Encumbrance Management
  • Fund Management
  • Fundraising
  • Grant Management