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We use ESIS, a proven implementation methodology, to ensure appropriate software selection and successful implementation. We follow industry standard best practices and collaborate with you every step of the way.


If your needs go beyond the regular scope the Microsoft Dynamics product suite we have a range of 3rd party applications that we can integrate. We also perform customization for unique business process needs.


ESI is proud to be one of the only Microsoft Re-sellers that offers clients access to a local help-desk. We are committed to responding to all help-desk requests within the hour and developing an action plan within 24 hours.


Etelligent Solutions can support your mission critical application requirements and allow your solution to scale quickly and to adjust to your needs, without replacing costly infrastructure or adding IT staff.


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A Proven ERP Methodology:

Together we complete a Project Charter that outlines what will be implemented, when, why, and by whom. The project plans, schedules, budget, and status is then published to your own personalized SharePoint Site, providing you with full transparency into every aspect of your implementation.Our experienced project managers employ proven techniques for change management and communication, keeping you up to date and informed at all times.Our goal on every project is to implement your solution successfully with full transparency, while meeting your specific needs, and helping you achieve your business objectives.

erp-planProject Scope Definition (where the project starts):

An integral part of our implementation methodology, Project Scope Definition identifies the factors critical to the success of the project. A senior member of our project management staff oversees this process, which includes:

  • Analysis of current systems and business procedures
  • Definition of project activities, goals, and scope
  • Definition of project resources, deliverables, and time-frames
  • Evaluation of your IT environment as it relates to the implementation
  • Preparation of the project scope document
  • Definition of training requirements

crmimplementProject Management and Planning:

Strong Project Planning and Management is important to the successful performance of the proposed solutions. In accordance with this, we assign a project manager to:

  • Manage team resources, project performance, and budgets
  • Control project slippage
  • Keep senior management informed and involved
  • Maintain a comprehensive project outline and task list
  • Communicate through regular project status meetings

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Integration & Customizationconsultants


The Microsoft product suite can be easily configured to serve several business needs. If possible we will configure before customizing.

Integration with Existing Systems:

If you need your Dynamics solution to integrate with existing in house software we have a great deal of experience doing this. Over 90% of our projects require some type of integration. We use a number tools specifically designed to bring information from external systems into our Dynamics Products.

supportdeskCustom Development:

If the needs of your business are outside of the scope of regular integration or 3rd party vendors our experts can build applications to meet your specific needs.

Using Dexterity or .Net development our team of developers will build you a solution that will improve process and increase productivity. We cover all the bases through the spec stage of the application on to development, then on to testing, and finally delivery.

Custom development is often more time consuming and costly so we attempt to configure or use a 3rd party solution when possible.

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Support Services

Etelligent Help Desk

Our help-desk is available during business hours, and maintained by our own staff here in Alberta.

To utilize the help desk please call 780-733-2399, leave a message describing your issue and one of our consultants will get back to within the hour to gather more information, troubleshoot, or schedule an appointment .

Our help-desk agents are Microsoft Certified Professionals who are experienced with all aspects of your software.

supportCustomer Source

As a Microsoft Dynamics User you will have access to CustomerSource, a password protected site that allows you to access productivity tools including online training, and self support resources. It also provides access to updates like tax and regulatory releases that will help your organization remain compliant.

Upgrade Support

When a new update is released through Microsoft like a tax update or software fix Etelligent Solutions can assist you in implementing the update without compromising your live environment.

Need Help?

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To be added to the Support desk queue leave a message and a rep will get back to you asap.

Edmonton: 780-733-2399

Calgary: 403-277-2558

Toll Free: 1-866-447-0666 x 222

Learn more about Hosting


We provide Cloud hosting solutions for MS Dynamics ERP, and Office products.

This is a popular option for companies that do not have a large IT staff, or the servers required to run business operation software.

This unique service provides our customers with the needed software and hardware, hosted in our state of the art facility for a monthly fee. No need to worry about security or infrastructure.

Hosting’s popularity is increasing because it simplifies deployment and reduces customer acquisition costs. Etelligent Solutions can support your mission critical application requirements and allow your solution to scale quickly, to adjust to your needs, without replacing costly infrastructure or adding IT staff.